How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Yes we all have dreams of the perfect wedding. We want our delightful ceremonies to flow without a hitch. We want everything to be as perfect as we dreamed they would be on the wedding day. But indeed, planning a wedding to perfection is a thankless job! The tips that are given in the article below will however help you as you plan your beautiful wedding.

Understand Your Unique Desires

You are getting married on the day, not your best friend and not your in-laws. So make sure you set firm boundaries and do what you want to do on the wedding day. If you like you can spend the rest of your life pleasing overbearing people, but on your wedding day, you need to be able to make a firm stand and do what you want to do. You have been dreaming about this day for years and will most likely spend a significant portion of your savings on the ceremony too, so you really have the right to do what you want to do on the day!

Make sure that you wear the dress that you want to wear on the day! Don’t let anyone talk you into wearing something that doesn’t make you feel right because you will probably regret that decision for the rest of your life! Go to a bridal store at Blacktown if you are living in Australia, with your closet friends and family and get their opinion as you try on several dresses. This will help you make a good decision.

Talk to Your Partner

Your partner needs to also have his/ her say when you are planning the details of the wedding ceremony. Make sure you have an open and an honest discussion with your soon to be spouse when you are deciding on the theme for the day. Especially when you are planning the budget you will need your partner’s support too. Make sure you both spend only what you can comfortably part with. Always remember, there is no point going broke trying to look rich! Yes lavish wedding ceremonies are glorious. But who says that an extravagant wedding guarantees a happy wedded life?

Start Planning and Preparing Early

If you need things to be perfect on your wedding day you will have to start planning as soon as you possibly can. You will need plenty of time to choose the bridal dress, get the dresses of the retinue, plan the décor elements, decide on the menu and arrange the other minute details of the day. It will be a big if not the biggest event that you get to plan so give yourself ample time.

Stick to the Budget

You need to figure out how much you and your partner will be able to spend on the wedding day. There really is no need to compete with your friends and family. No one ever gives a medal for extravagant wedding ceremonies. So stick to a budget and try to look for budget friendly ways that you will be able to enhance the appeal of the day.

Hope you have a gorgeous wedding ceremony that is perfect in every way!


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How to Be Stylish No Matter What

It’s the 21st century and obviously styles have changed and so have the people. In older times people used to wear dresses based looks no matter how uncomfortable they were. But nowadays preference is given to comfort. But being comfortable in what you wear does not mean you have to compromise with your fashion statement. Being fashionable is more about expressing yourself through your appearance. So here are some tips you can follow to always stay stylish.

Invest In Good Jeans

This is the most important thing that you will do. You need to make sure that the jeans that you are going to buy first of all fit you properly, if they are comfortable and if the colour will match with the tops/ shirts that you own. This will be a time-consuming process and quite an annoying one. But buying good denims is crucial as you will wear it all the time, so be sure to check here for Betty basics jeans.

Learn How to Mix and Match

In quite honestly you don’t always need to break the bank to stay stylish. One skill that you need to learn is to mix and match clothes that you have. This is something fashion designers are aware of. They tend to see the same piece of cloth differently. Make minute changes and that starts to become a trend. Maybe that new t-shirt that you want to wear might look better with a waist belt, or maybe it’s time to wear boots with that red dress.  Experiment and see what works.

Know What Suits You

You must have seen many clothes on displays that look phenomenal. But when you wear it, it doesn’t look that good at all. Do not fall to the trap of marketing. The mannequins are designed in such a way that any suits, t-shirt or dress will look really good. We all have different body shapes and a different tone of skin. Some colour and fit on will really look good and this is something that you have to master. For example, a black t-shirt on a person with dark skin colour might not suit but a lighter might look better.


This is a very debatable topic as footwear is obviously important but nowadays the prices of branded footwear are ridiculously high. I mean there are shoes worth up to 5000$ a pair. Now I do not recommend that but the best thing to do would be to buy footwear that goes with your clothing. Obviously the decision of going for originals or copies does lie on you. Originals are made with higher quality material and they tend to last much longer. Also, the feel is much better. Fakes, on the other hand, have poor quality and would most likely last you a year. Ideally, it is better to buy footwear around the range of 50-100$ this way you do not compromise on the quality too much and also are able to purchase a couple of different pairs for different occasions.

In conclusion, it really isn’t all that hard to maintain your fashion sense. All you have to do is take the right approach and use your money smartly to buy the correct things. This way you look good and don’t end up broke

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Skin Care Routine for Great Skin

There are two main reasons why skin care is important. The first is to prevent the development of diseases. An unkempt skin can lead to outbreaks which expose you to likelihoods of infection. The second reason, which is the more popular one, is to look good. It extends to how it is important to boost one’s self confidence.

A lot of blogs online may talk about their own personal skin care routines but you might discover that they’re often expensive and complicated. If you’re a beginner and you just want clearer skin, here are a few steps you can start with:

Wash your face regularly

Do this twice a day: once in the morning when you wake up and another one at night before you sleep. This is an important step because it cleanses the pores of dirt. Dirt accumulation can lead to acne. The great thing about this is that water is free and does not yield any allergic reactions from anyone. You may want to start with warm water to open up your pores to give you better access to the dirt, then wash your face with cold water to close and tighten your pores so that you’ll lessen the release of oil from your sebaceous glands.

Tone your skin

Apply toner by placing it on a cotton swab and rubbing it across your face. A toner provides extra cleansing. It is good for oily or acne-prone skin. They also get rid of the dead skin cells to make room for new ones. Avoid toners with alcohol in them because it will dry up your skin.


Use a water-based moisturizer to hydrolyse your skin. This prevents your skin from drying up. When your skin is dry, they often tend to peel off the top layer of the skin in sheets, which then leaves flakes of dry skin that may interfere with your makeup routine. Regularly applying moisturizer will give you a dewy finish. Pick a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera.

Put on a face mask

The face mask that you will choose greatly depends on what you need and what your skin type is. But generally, this step of the routine is fun because it gives you the time to relax as you leave the mask on your face. It also makes you feel pampered. Masks are typically left on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes. Since it is going to make contact with your skin, it is better to opt for organic clay mask because they have less chemical content and are therefore less harsh.

The aforementioned steps may feel complicated, but they’re nothing compared to the elaborate lists given out by other people. These steps are highlighted because they’re essential and they are applicable to everyone. The important thing to note is to always keep your face clean. Furthermore, if you have already begun with this regimen, follow it religiously. After a while, your skin will get accustomed to the treatment and stopping might result in break outs.

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How To Stick To The Cocktail Dress Code

Receiving a cocktail from a stranger at the club is appreciative, but receiving an invitation with a ‘cocktail attire’ stamp is not. With so many fashion trends going on and around, these things can leave your mind foggy and confused.

What Is Cocktail Attire?

Gained popularity during the early twenties and thirties when the wealthy household held dinners and parties. The tradition has been passed down to generations and today we are honored to be a part of it.

Cocktail attire is a ‘between the day and night’ attire. Not too bright and not too dark. It must simply be balanced and look ravishing. It is less dressy than a formal attire and more casual than a black tie. It is both, playful and festive, a crazy, fun combination!

For The Ladies

In a world full of competition it’s important to look your best and dress the part. Cocktail attire for women includes fun but formal dresses. You must dress classy, charismatic and elegant. You don’t want people to remember you as the ‘neon pink dress girl’.

Knee length, midi, and mini dresses are acceptable but toe-length dresses are not. High heels are a must, if it’s too uncomfortable then you can go with other stylish and classy shoes. Don’t forget to accessorize to perfection!

Today there is no such thing as a limited choice. There are unlimited varieties of cocktail dresses available everywhere, which can leave you exhilarated or frustrated. You have the classic black dress, embellished ones, lacy ones, A-lined dresses, long sleeved ones and also sleeveless ones available. If you are not the trademark kind of women then you could always go for the silky joggers and a turtleneck sweater with pumps. Choose an outfit that sets your mood and will make you look and feel like a goddess.

For The Gentlemen

Generally, men find dress codes more frustrating. Maybe because it is out of their comfort zone but don’t worry, you could always give your formal suit a contemporary spin.

It is best to wear a tailored suit. A tuxedo is too much but a suit or a blazer/trousers combo will suffice. Do not go for the flashy and bright stuff. The whole cocktail context entails balance, so you want your outfit to be balanced.

Even men need to accessorize. A simple watch or a suede belt will compliment your look. Wear shoes that will reflect your personality, the same goes for your socks. If you are a sporty kind of guy then you could wear your converse with the blazer/trouser combo. To finish off spray a strong and masculine scent to wow everyone.

There are a variety of stores that help you to find your suit and also accessorize it perfectly. If you are confused you can receive help from them or else you could ring up your host and ask for detailed details or you could even try approaching your family and friends first.

Finding the perfect outfit is not easy, not for men neither for women. So it is always best to get help from someone and look absolutely stunning!

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Great Ways to Achieve Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Good, healthy, habits will make a difference not only in your bodily health but also in the appearance of your skin. They will make you feel happy and give your skin a healthy glow. And the best thing is that it doesn’t cost you millions and can be done throughout the year, whether it rains or shines. While our routines differ according to our lifestyles, these few habits can be incorporated into any routine.

Take A Deep Breath!

When we are stressed out, we tend to breathe in a very rapid and shallow way. This is very stressful for our bodies compared to the deep, slow breathing that is relaxing. Breathing deeply can effectively calm our nerves and stop our stress levels from rising. It gives the body a positive effect due to the increased oxygen levels, increasing the efficiency of the body. When the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs all have a good supply of oxygen, obviously the skin will reflect all that energy and leave you looking radiant.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is one of those things that you can never do too much. Our bodies are itself made up of 80 percent water and it is something required for all its functions. So, when you don’t supply enough water, it is the skin and face that suffer most. The skin becomes wrinkled and flaky, making you look ten years older than you really are. Water also is responsible for flushing out all the toxins and unwanted waste from your body, that will otherwise give you spots and blotches. So don’t forget to drink the proper amount of water required daily.

Eat Healthy

Having a balanced diet is key to maintaining good health and long life. Not only has this, the inclusion of Fruits and vegetable provided much needed essential vitamins and minerals. Dairy products also provide the required nutrients to the body. These vitamins like vitamin A and C are vital to good skin health. Avoid too much oil will give you a good and evenly toned complexion.

Protect Yourself from the Elements

While maintaining the skin is a good practice, we need to remember to protect it from harm too. Don’t be careless when going out in the sun as UV rays are most damaging to the skin. Wearing a hat, proper clothes and sunscreen will help in these areas. The other culprit is air conditioning and dry, hot weather. These inescapable conditions can be remedied by using a good moisturiser or lotion. Make sure to include it in your daily routine and stick to one good brand. There are many good choices when it comes to skin products in Melbourne. Adjust your moisturising routine depending on the time of year and your environment.

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Sleep Well, Look Well

Every part of your body is affected by your sleep routine and most importantly the skin. Lack of proper sleep makes you feel tired and look tired, with dark circles and bags under your eyes. When you feel tired, you don’t exercise, take too much caffeine and don’t eat properly. This all leads to bad health and bad skin. So make sure you get yourself some free cosmetic treatment every day by taking your proper share of your beauty sleep.

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