How To Stick To The Cocktail Dress Code

Receiving a cocktail from a stranger at the club is appreciative, but receiving an invitation with a ‘cocktail attire’ stamp is not. With so many fashion trends going on and around, these things can leave your mind foggy and confused.

What Is Cocktail Attire?

Gained popularity during the early twenties and thirties when the wealthy household held dinners and parties. The tradition has been passed down to generations and today we are honored to be a part of it.

Cocktail attire is a ‘between the day and night’ attire. Not too bright and not too dark. It must simply be balanced and look ravishing. It is less dressy than a formal attire and more casual than a black tie. It is both, playful and festive, a crazy, fun combination!

For The Ladies

In a world full of competition it’s important to look your best and dress the part. Cocktail attire for women includes fun but formal dresses. You must dress classy, charismatic and elegant. You don’t want people to remember you as the ‘neon pink dress girl’.

Knee length, midi, and mini dresses are acceptable but toe-length dresses are not. High heels are a must, if it’s too uncomfortable then you can go with other stylish and classy shoes. Don’t forget to accessorize to perfection!

Today there is no such thing as a limited choice. There are unlimited varieties of cocktail dresses available everywhere, which can leave you exhilarated or frustrated. You have the classic black dress, embellished ones, lacy ones, A-lined dresses, long sleeved ones and also sleeveless ones available. If you are not the trademark kind of women then you could always go for the silky joggers and a turtleneck sweater with pumps. Choose an outfit that sets your mood and will make you look and feel like a goddess.

For The Gentlemen

Generally, men find dress codes more frustrating. Maybe because it is out of their comfort zone but don’t worry, you could always give your formal suit a contemporary spin.

It is best to wear a tailored suit. A tuxedo is too much but a suit or a blazer/trousers combo will suffice. Do not go for the flashy and bright stuff. The whole cocktail context entails balance, so you want your outfit to be balanced.

Even men need to accessorize. A simple watch or a suede belt will compliment your look. Wear shoes that will reflect your personality, the same goes for your socks. If you are a sporty kind of guy then you could wear your converse with the blazer/trouser combo. To finish off spray a strong and masculine scent to wow everyone.

There are a variety of stores that help you to find your suit and also accessorize it perfectly. If you are confused you can receive help from them or else you could ring up your host and ask for detailed details or you could even try approaching your family and friends first.

Finding the perfect outfit is not easy, not for men neither for women. So it is always best to get help from someone and look absolutely stunning!

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