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Trendy Hairstyles for You to Try

Fashion keeps changing every day. But it is not just your dresses and shoes and jewellery that keeps changing. Hairstyles is a part of fashion that keeps changing every once in a while and suddenly you would see someone with a new style walking down the street. So for those who are looking for a change in looks or if you want to check out new styles take a look at the following list.

Sleek Long Bobs

Bob style hair is something that has been popular for a few decades but most often these days this style is worn with some new changes. Instead of natural, wavy long bobs, the trend has now become to wear it sleek and straight. The retro inspired rounded bob is another popular style to try out.

Short Hair

Chopped off hair has always been one of the unique hairstyles of many decades. These days what is even more popular is chopped off styles that are longer in the front a shorter at the back. This would make the hair looks like it has more volume and will add texture. Shaggy layers that gives you chopped layers and bangs can also help you have a short but voluminous hair.

Natural Fizz

There are so many beauty movements that make you embrace your natural looks including natural hair. With them, a lot of loose hair of any texture is widely being praised. Especially this style allows those with natural frizz or natural curly hair to accept themselves/ their appearances without any insecurities. This combined with curly bangs is one of the looks that is even rocked by a lot of Hollywood actresses.

Mermaid Hair

The accessibility to hair extensions have made it easier to rock longer hairstyles. The mermaid style with long wavy hair will make your hair look more voluminous. If you don’t have hair that is long enough to do this, you can try out a few extensions to increase the length of your natural hair.

Fembot Style

This is another style that never went out of style but these days it is becoming very popular among young women. Fembot is another sleek hairstyle but can be tried out with longer hair unlike the sleek bob. This style would give its wearer a sleek and a posh outlook. Want to get this look? Try to book in your cut as they are very popular and start looking trendy.

Blunt Fringe

The blunt fringe or uneven bags is another unique hair look. The problem with trying these bangs is however is that they would not look good with every face shape. They are the best with oval shaped face and should not be tried with round or square shaped faces.

Your hair sometimes changes your entire look. This is why changing the hairstyle is a big decision for most people. So if you are planning to change it entirely or give it a few changes, why not go for a style that is trendier these days? Nothing would make you look more fashionable and hip as a trendy new hairstyle.

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How to Be Stylish Despite Unfriendly Weather

Sometimes when the weather outside is gloomy, cold, rainy or even snowy we don’t feel all that happy to get dressed up or even put any effort to do so. This is in some ways justified; I mean, think about it, when it’s cold and gloomy outside, you probably don’t want to get out of your sweats. This would be ideal if you were to stay at home all day, however, as you do have to leave your house at some point, say to go to work or get food or basically anything else there is to do, you will definitely need to look good.

Let’s take going to work as an example, when you’re going to work, no matter what the weather is and how cold or hot it is, it’s still important to look good and keep looking well put together. Just because it’s winter, cold and snowing you can’t just show up to work in odd clothes. Maintaining your style in unfriendly weather can seriously be a difficult thing for many of us; the good news is that there are ways around this. That is, there are ways that you can still stay comfortable and look fabulous at the same time. Here are some ideas on how you can have both comfort and style and remain happy through the most unfriendly weather types there are:

Choose Comfortable Materials

This is the most important thing you can do to make sure you stay comfortable in respective weather. It is not so much the outfit itself that has a major impact on how you feel, it is the material from which the material is made. For instance, if you were to wear a cotton sweater that is only a tiny layer thick to keep you warm, this wouldn’t be ideal. However, if you were to wear some wool clothes of the same design you would feel so much warmer. Even the tiniest dresses would still feel warmer when made in weather appropriate material.

This is probably where a lot of people go wrong; they aren’t fully aware of how to choose the correct material of clothing and then how to style it appropriately. Avoid being one of those people and choose the correct material for the type of weather you are given.

Choose Basics

Another excellent way of making sure you are stylish despite unfriendly weather is to style your basics. Always make sure to purchase basic clothing pieces that are appropriate for the different weather types. For instance, have a basic T-shirt for the hot summer days and have a basic solid coloured sweater for those colder days. If you try to complicate it with complex pieces of clothing with heavy designs and a lot of other things then it just becomes rather difficult to stay really and truly comfortable yet stylish.

There is a well-known fashion statement that is you want to be stylish you have to endure discomfort. This is alright if it is for one special night or one special event, however if this starts to become your life then things won’t last very long. Keep it simple and easy.

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